Real Estate Tax

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General Information
Each year, the Real Estate Assessment Office appraises all real estate property in the City to determine its value for tax purposes. All assessments of real property, which includes land and permanently affixed structures, are based on 100% of fair market value and are equitable with the assessments of comparable properties.

Assessments and Taxes
The revenue projected from real estate assessments is central to the City's annual budget; however, the Assessor does not set the tax rate or bill and collect the taxes.

During the budget process, City Council determines how much income the City must generate to provide municipal services to residents. The Council then sets a tax rate that will yield the needed revenue.

Computation of Tax
The tax rate multiplied by the assessed value of the property determines the taxes owed by each property owner (assessment x tax rate = tax bill.)

Tax Rate = $1.075 per $100 of assessed value

Property Value = $200,000
$200,000 x .01075  = $2,150

Property Value = $400,000
$400,000 x .01075 = $4,300

Supplemental Assessments and Tax Bills
Supplemental assessments are issued by the Assessor’s Office shortly after the end of each calendar year, and reflect the assessed value of substantial additions and new structures that have been completed by December 31 of the year. The supplemental assessment represents the value of the completed new construction for only the portion of the year it was complete (i.e. date of completion through December 31.) A supplemental tax bill based on this assessment is then issued by the Treasurer’s Office, and due 30 days following receipt. For information pertaining to the calculation of supplemental assessments, please call the Real Estate Assessment Office at 703.385.7840.

Tax Relief Program
City of Fairfax's Finance Office administers this program. Click here to read / download forms regarding this program or call 703.359.2486.

Information and Due Dates
Xổ số sóc trăng tuần trước The 2020 real property tax rate was set by the City Council when they adopted the fiscal year 2020-2021 budget on May 13, 2020.

Click here for more information on the city budget.

For information on taxes, please call the City Treasurer's office at 703.385.7900.

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