PUBLIC NOTICE: Hygiene and disinfection have become a concern to us all, and we want to also remind you that many of these products CANNOT be flushed down the toilet.  Disinfectant & baby wipes, paper towels, face tissue, cotton balls, and q-tips are products that do not break down after they are flushed.  These can cause sewer backups in your plumbing systems requiring costly repairs, as well as clogging of public sewer lines that serve everyone in our community.  PLEASE dispose of these products with your household trash.

Please go to for more information from the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments on unflushables, fats/oil/grease, medications, and other materials that can damage wastewater lines.

The Public Works Department is responsible for providing reliable wastewater service to City residents. The wastewater services operate under the close fiscal supervision of your elected City Council members and the City Manager. All wastewater services are paid for by the customers who use them at rates approved by the City Council. As an enterprise, city taxes are not used to support these services.

Wastewater Easement Maintenance

The Division will mow and clear wastewater easements throughout the year, as weather and scheduling permit. These easements are located on private properties and remain open to allow for access to the wastewater conveyance piping for maintenance purposes. Residents with questions or concerns can call the Public Works Wastewater Division at 703-385-7915.

Utility Safety - Call Before You Dig

Before digging the ground for any construction or planting, please call MISS UTILITY to have all underground utilities marked in order to prevent damage or disruption of services; it is the LAW.

Call 811 (Virginia calls only) or 1-800-552-7001